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Music memorabilia has become a huge business. Guitars, clothes and other items owned by famous - and sometimes even not so famous - musicians sell at auction for thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of pounds.
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1960s Memorabilia: Early Blues Memorabilia, 1960s Tickets and Passes, 1960s Merchandise,...
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1970s Memorabilia: 1970s Instruments, Glam Rock of the 70's, 1970s Discs, Punk...
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1980s Memorabilia: Bruce Springsteen, Prince Memorabilia, 1980s Magazines, Michael...
1990s Memorabilia
1990s Memorabilia: 1990s Autographs, 1990s Merchandise, 1990s Tickets and Passes, 1990s...
About Memorabilia
About Memorabilia: Auction Houses, eBay, Music Memorabilia by Region, Why Collect...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Selling a Memorabilia Collection: A Case Study, My Beatles M...
Early Memorabilia
Early Memorabilia: Elvis Presley, Country Music Memorabilia, Clothing, Is Collecting 78s...
Latest Comments
  • Jon Limbret
    Re: 1960s Magazines
    You can try asking beatchapter. They buy and sell all sorts of music magazines including nme melody maker disc sounds etc. But they do not list…
    30 May 2018
  • Mary Hagood
    Re: 1960s Tickets and Passes
    I have 1 Suffolk downs Beatles ticket unused white and 1 blue..i would like to sell them ASAPl
    20 May 2018
  • Jemma Bee
    Re: 1970s Clothing
    Hi there, I work in a charity shops and we have been donated a signed George Melly tie. Please could you advise on the value of this and where it…
    9 May 2018
  • Rach
    Re: Take That Memorabilia
    Hi, I’ve came across an old take that locket necklace in a black pouch and a watch (without the strap) they are both in excellent…
    5 January 2018
  • Stacey
    Re: Kendo Nagasaki's Mask, Could it be Valuable?
    I'd like to inquire as to the value of a genuine wrestling belt given to me personally by Big Daddy's wife,…
    8 August 2017
  • Mark
    Re: Take That Memorabilia
    I have five signed picture postcards from 1992, I would like to sell, one of each of the members of take that. They all have just signed…
    23 April 2017
  • MemorabiliaRocks
    Re: 1970s Autographs
    murfy - Your Question:I have part of a programme with all 4 bee gees signature, is it of any value?Our
    21 June 2016
  • murfy
    Re: 1970s Autographs
    I have part of a programme with all 4 bee gees signature, is it of any value?
    21 June 2016
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